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Relaxation of certain Alert Level 3 Regulations

Relaxation of certain Alert Level 3 Regulations

1. We refer to the above as well as the latest regulations issued by the Minister for Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs on Thursday 26 June 2020 (“the regulations”)
2. The regulations amend certain aspects of the current Alert Level 3-regulations, to the extent as set out more fully below. There are still issues that remain uncertain, specifically relating to sit-down meals at restaurants, for which further directions are still to be issued. Even though the Minister of Tourism, who is responsible for this sector, addressed the media yesterday, the directives have not yet been published, but is anticipated to be published on Monday.
3. Firstly, exercise may now take place in groups of four people or less, whilst adhering to health protocols and social distancing measures. Exercise is still to take place between 6h00 and 18h00.

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