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Sheriff’s Auction Sterkspruit

Wednesday, 23 August, 2023 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am

All stock in trade

16 x Ace Coffee (60s)

12 x 125g Kloof

8 x 125g Joko

18 x 20g Tea time

6 x Rooibos tea

40 x 100g Freshpak tea bags

6 x Joko tea bags

10 x Five Roses tagless

25g Glen tea bags

2 x 25g Hamburg tea

7 x Safari white vinegar 750ml

10 x Safari white vinegar 375ml

19 x Safari white vinegar 200ml

20 x 200ml Block vinegar

5 x 400g Infacare

3 x 250g Infacare

3 x 500g Illovo white sugar

25 x 50g Baking powder

2kg Huletts Sugar

60 x 14g Bicarbonate of Soda

65 x 5 pack Tasty Noodles

54 x 6 Dozen eggs

2 x ITAU maize meal

27 x 500g Ginger beer powder

Bluetooth portable speaker

40 x 1kg Salt

2 x 75g Aromat

19 x 200g Legacy sprinkles

400g Imana soup

7g Tartaric acid

33 x 75 Cayenne pepper

3 x Birthday candles

8 x Candle holders

3 x Packs of big balloon

Vinyl floor tiles

3 x Sea floor

4 x Net socks fashion

4 x Dome caps

4 x Redisson 1.7L kettle

2 x Electric kettle

2 x 20L Stainless Steel

14 x Jepline pumps

12 x Plastic Jepline pumps

21 x Clothing hangers (4 per pack)

1 x Fusion cordless kettle1.7L

11 x Catin holders

186 x College Exercise A4 72 pages books

16 x Bounce chilli tomatoes puff snacks (12 x 50g)

12 x 50g Bounce chilli cheese puff snacks

12 x 50g Bounce BBQ puff snacks

Solar Energy Made Easy (PS-20W bulb)

Goldstone Solar Panel (CSM-15)

Solar Energy

Rainbow Home Quarts 800W

6 x Ruby Jug Spout 1L

5 x Plastic tubs

6 x Otima snacks

6 Set coffee mugs

2 x Tone daisy tumblers

Apple Sweets (1 box)

Fluorescent (CT-700) 3 inside

4 x Rulers

11 x Boxes of Power Plugs glue

Yellow pages book

32 x Packets of clothing pegs

2 x Packs of Super glue (5g x 12 inside each packet)

Yamato Power 5m

3 x Yamato Caoxial cable (RG-6U)

LPG Hose (6mm 2102)

48 x Click Ball point pens

192 x Trust Protection Condoms

10 x Satin Touch

4 x Twinsaver papers

27 x Thread Seal Tape (12mm x 0.075mm x 10m)

22 x Lip gloss

24 x Oymn Toke

55 x Fly Catcher

3 x125ml Blac Chic Hair Food

5 x 250ml Sta-soft Afro Blow Relaxer

125ml Sta-soft Blow Relaxer

11 x Revlon Cream Relaxer 225ml

21 x Boxes Pharmex Syringe Size 5

5 x Mustard Oil 200ml

4 x Apple Cider Vinegar

4 x Pharmex Syringe Size 3

16 x Cotton buds

9 x Boxes of Bettasol 30ml

100ml Swash

13 x Radhunl 200g Coriander powder

23 x Radhunl 100g Tumeric powder

8 x Radhunl 100g Cummin powder

Dry Cake Dishwam

25 x Alin Gold

24 x Doritos 145g Flamin Hot

7 x Simba 120g

22 x Vikings Chips

45 x Bounce puffs 50g

4 x Amakipkip packets

4 x Shap Shap 50g

Banoful Biscuits 300g

8 x Vikings strawberry creams (150g)

2 x Tennis biscuits (150g)

Vikings choc creams

2 x Packets Lemon creams

5 x Eat Sum More (200g)

2 x Vanilla Creams

3 x Jopper Cream biscuits (125g)

20 x Glucose biscuits (40g)

5 x Malt & Milk biscuits (40g)

82 x Supa Glucose Biscuits (22g)

7 x Bombay Sweets (250g)

Tea Time (20g)

20 x Glen Rooibos tea bags 10’s

3 x My Nappy Large 100 inside

23 x Rose toilet rolls

Spring toilet rolls 10’s

13 x 4kg Chief biscuits

10 x Hello Snacks 20g

50 x Boomrang 20g snacks

8 x Afrilight Candles

52 x Casa Mia biscuits (1.8kg)

20 Viking Bites Biscuits (30g)

6 x ITAU Yellow maize flour (10kg)

40kg Maize

50kg White Star Super Maize

4 x Yellow Maize (10kg)

11 x Yellow Maize (10kg)

18 x Yellow Maize (5kg)

48 x Go Slows Naks big packets (1.75kg)

28 x Supa Brite

Gemei hair trimmer

17 x WUS tape white

8 x Super stick

8 x Thread Seal Tapes (120mm x 0.075mm x 10m)

5 x Boxes of Randa (50 pieces)

26 x Eagle Glass

12 x Plastic cups

3 Coffee set

49 x White clear plastic cups

98 x Hensda pens loose

50 x Hensda blue pens

9 x Loose Caticula

Apple with Cherry loose

9 x Needle sets

12 x Loose box of Trust Condoms

76 x Rajah Hot 116

30 x Rajah All-in-One 7g

50 x Robertson Steak & Chops spice 7g

3 x Robertson Chicken Spice 7g

344 x Robertson Barbeque Spice 7g

4 x White pepper compound

2 x Robertson grounded black pepper

2 x Robertson Barbeque Spice

28 x Benny

15 x Jaba

4 x Knorrox cubes

Gogo’s soya mince

14 x Knorrox 400g Soup

46 x Knorrox 10 sachet soup

10 x Sachet stew mix loose

17 x Jik 750ml

46 x Jik 500ml

54 x Cobra Shines

12 x Sunbeam Shines

48 x 10g Instant Yeast 2 Box

Trinco 250g

56 x Trinco 500g

90 x Snack Sweets

4 x Bar One 2g

9 x Loose San-a-toothbrush

Inecto Rapid 25ml

Deep Heat 75g

Raw Classic

8 x Osaka Multi-Powder loose

7 x Blades loose

6 x Boxes of Playing Cards

9 x AUX cables

USB Charger

2 x Stereo Earphones

7 3G Power Charger

2 x Car Chargers

9 x Cable Chargers

Sport Protector

2 x Sticker Roll On

13 x Holy Ash Small

6 x Holy Ash Big packet

61 x Drink-O-Pop

11 x Grandpa loose

42 x Strepsils loose

9 x Instant Lemon Ginger Tea loose

68 x Instant Yeast Golden Lion

10 x Anchor Yeast

19 x Brewers Yeast loose

5 x Daisy Yoghurt 500ml

100cm Zip Lock

6 x NCP Yeast loose

55 x Med Lemon

18 x Stick Sweets loose

26 x Knorrox cubes loose

146 x Lexus Peanuts loose

38 x Chappies loose

22 x Clorets loose

5 x Stainless Steel Scissors loose

Headsets JC

2 x Paint Brush with basin

25 x Vodacom Sim cards

19 x MTN Sim cards

34 x Newden candles

24 x Newden candles

Casio Calculator

9 x Still Spring Water 500ml

6 x Still Spring Water 1.5L

4 x Bottles 5L Still Water

47 x Cups of Garlic Keyona Achar

1kg x Achar

14 x 1kg Achar Garlic

2 x 2kg Achar Garlic

6 x 2kg Original Achar

12 x 4kg Achar

4 x 9kg Achar

2L Oil for Achar

4kg Tasty Bake

9 x 200ml Purity

Nestle Gold Cross 385g

8 x 400g Black Cat

6 x 400g Yum Yum Peanut Butter

6 x 250g Yum Yum Peanut Butter

4 x 100g Ricoffy

8 x 100g Frisco

6 x 250g Frisco

6 x 400g NAN Pelargon Mix

5 x 400g Lactogen Milk

2 x 400g NAN Opti Pro Milk

4 x 800g Vitanut Peanut Butter

4 x 155g Lucky Star

30 x 215g Lucky Star

9 x 400g Pilchard

9 x 150ml Shower to Shower Deodorant

7 x 150ml Shower to Shower Deodorant for Men

10 x 25kg ITAU mealie meal

15 x 12.5kg ITAU mealie meal

2 x 410g KOO mixed vegetables

2 x 410g KOO Chakalaka

6 x 410g Best Cook Beans

10 x 410g KOO Baked Beans

7 x 250g Mayonnaise

9 x 375g Mayonnaise

4 x 750g Mayonnaise

5 x 470g Chutney

3 x Lazenby

4 x Nando’s Peri Peri Sauce 250g

6 x Nando’s Peri Peri Sauce 125g

59 x Epson Salts

10 x 500g Top Class Soya Mince – Chilli

Top Class Soya Mince 100g

35 x 100g Soya Mince

6 x First Choice Milk 500ml

500ml Longlife Bonita

2 x 1L First Choice Milk

27 x 2L Sunfoil Oil

21 x Wild Island diluted juice

30 x 750ml Sunfoil Cooking Oil

22 x 500ml Cooking Oil

19 x 375ml Cooking Oil

250ml Cremora

9 x 750ml All Gold Tomato Sauce

7 x 350ml Tomato Sauce

8 x 500g Fatti’s & Moni’s

1kg Morvite

25 x 500g Huletts Sugar

14 x 1kg Huletts Brown Sugar

Small Coca Cola Fridge – red

Double Door Coca Cola Fridge – red – Serial nr CCBSA 159226

Double Door Coca Cola Fridge – red – Serial nr CCBSA 159203

Double Door Coca Cola Fridge – red – Serial nr CCBSA 159238


Wednesday, 23 August, 2023
10:00 am - 11:00 am


Shop 1, Erf 73
Sterkspruit, Eastern Cape South Africa
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