Value Proposition

We deliver value to our clients by:

  • Personal Service

    Providing personal service – each client is attended to by a dedicated attorney.


  • Communication

    Communicating regularly with our clients. This includes a free monthly legal report, as well as a free monthly meeting to discuss all legal matters (should there be a minimum of 5 matters dealt with by our firm). We believe that clear communication with our clients is the backbone of a good relationship, and we therefore encourage clients to ask us any question at any time.


  • Acceptable Legal Costs

    Keeping an eye on legal costs, so as to ensure that the costs incurred remain within acceptable limits to the amount claimed. We strongly believe that litigation must make commercial sense, and that there is a duty on us as attorneys to advise our clients timeously if it should become uneconomical to proceed on a specific course with a specific matter.


  • Not Withholding Trust Monies

    Ordinarily not deducting fees raised on a matter, from monies collected. Therefore, if we collect an amount for a client, the full amount is normally paid over to the client. Also, when we enter into payment arrangements with debtors, we prefer the debtor to pay the client directly, saving the client money and time.

  • Shortest Legal Route

    Focusing on the shortest legal route to the desired result. If money needs to be collected, we believe in applying the maximum amount of pressure legally possible. We believe that we are there to assist client with resolving their legal issues – it is not our aim to make money by dragging out matters. In our experience, the longer a matter takes to be resolved, the more strain is placed on the relationship between attorney and client.


  • Training Clients

    Where possible, we prefer to train clients, enabling them to resolve issues themselves and so save legal costs. For example, we offer training for clients on how to chair disciplinary inquiries.


  • Applying Technology

    We apply technology as far as possible to enhance our efficiency and our communication with our clients. Our office files are available to our attorneys electronically, with the result that information is now only a click away. Also, we have developed an application to save all e-mails and their attachments directly to the file concerned, which not only results in a proper backup of all communication, but also assists with knowledge management: any attorney has up to date access to all correspondence on any matter.